Food Networks Food Court Wars

Food Court Wars, on the Food Network , challenges two teams of entrepreneurs to compete in the ultimate food court battle, with a chance to win a food court restaurant of their own, rent-free, for a year.  Each weeks show is at a different city mall in the United States. The malls want to open a new “local” eatery in the mall’s food court that offer a fresh, region-specific menu. The teams test, market, and then run their concept for a full day feeding shoppers. The team restaurant that makes the most profit at the end of the day wins their eatery space, which is a prize worth an estimated $100,000, and the losing team must vacate the premises.

Who are we? Whelp, here’s our story… Chef and restaurateur Chef David Hill and I met at his restaurant, The Chef’s Table, almost 5 years ago. As a Sales & Marketing Executive with a food blog of my own, we instantly hit it off and began eating and drinking our way through our own city. After numerous attempts of formulating business proposals on cocktail napkins, the culmination of libations and fuzzy thinking put the challenge to the test.

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And there we were, filming 15 hours a day, competing, tasting, running, falling, cooking, and everything in between; everything except for sleeping, that is. A compelling adventure, most certainly. Can I check it off my vision board? For sure!!! Watch the edited version of our journey on Food Court Wars and tell us what you think? I might just surprise you in my next editorial with my own interpretation of the ‘road to reality tv’ and the truth behind the scenes. Until next time…. Enjoy!

WATCH the FULL Episode here

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