At The Bar is what happens when you combine feisty chefs with food, alcohol, an occasional outing to the Farmers Market. Anything goes on this culinary adventure, where I spend more time ‘At The Bar’ than in the kitchen, sweating with the best of them. I’ll bounce bar to bar, to local restaurants, wineries, and other venues, with some of my favorite Chef’s. We’ll engage with foodies, harass the bar tenders, dine on anything and drink everything!

The restaurant industry is changing into a communal culinary experience. Gone are the days of making reservations to sit in the restaurant. Here to stay, are the experiences that happen At The Bar. Remember Cheers, where everyone knows your name? That’s what we’re talking about! Bar menus are a thing of the past. Give me a 3 course meal at the bar that I can indulge in with a stranger. Give me a martini tasting that I can sample with the bar tender. At The Bar dining and newly popular farm to fork pop up restaurants, are creating some of most newly exciting culinary experiences across the Nation. Let’s experience them together. Whether you’re a solo diner or travel in a pod, the best experiences with food & drink, have always been and will always be At The Bar!

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