My name is Holly Hisel

I am a foodie. I am a wine lover. I am culinary school dropout. And now, I am a blogger.

My Adventures

On most days, you’ll find me spending countless hours watching the Food Network or taking notes from the Cooking Channel. Otherwise you can find me aimlessly perusing the cook book section at my local book store. But can I cook? I consider myself to be progressively stylish in the kitchen. I’m Progressive in that food is continuously teaching me how to cook. I’m stylish in that I cook with my eyes first, in hopes that whatever I make translates to the palette.

While I’m not a Chef, or a Food Photographer, I find food to be entertaining. Whether I’m cooking for one, hosting a party, or eating my way through town, ‘At The Bar’ it’s all gourmet entertainment. On my blog, you might find me dangerously attempting a new recipe in the kitchen, or mindlessly trying to figure out what’s on my plate from a local restaurant. I might attempt to make cheese, and miserably fail because my wine glass was too full. Or, if I’m out stomping grapes, the cheese will just have to wait! Nevertheless, I promise to take you behind the scenes, in front of the kitchens, and in some cases on top of the stove….. all to be entertained.

Follow me locally, and tell me what you want to see. I dare you! I’ll go anywhere, eat everything, and do almost anything! Behind the scenes, in front of the camera, or ‘At the Bar’, I’ll bring you culinary magic…

Let’s start a revolution, and see how many Bunko Clubs we can turn into Girlz Gourmet! Welcome to the party…. And don’t forget the wine!

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